If you need assistance call us at (833) 330-WEBS 24/7/365 or email us and we can schedule a time to walk you through the process, step-by-step! 

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Hey You! That's right, Im talking to you!

Congratulations on taking the first step to getting your business online. Below are setup instructions to get the ball rolling. Go through the steps by clicking the buttons that apply to you and they will navigate you to the page you need to complete. Don’t worry this page will remain open until you click “ All Finished” 

Pro Build Setup

I don’t have time to build my own. Let’s get started. 

Step 1.

Pay Webdesign Fee

Please select from one of our building services, on the Pro Builds page. If you need a custom option you will need to complete steps 2 and 3 later.

Step 2.

Email & Web Security

Optional:  Add needed items to your cart. If you need  a custom email i.e. name@domain.com and/or added security to protect client information.  

Step 3.


Your hosting will be added to your cart once you select the check out button below. We default hosting plans to monthly, but you  can change this. 

Final Step.

Secure Form

**Your designer will need access to your hosting account, please send us the information you setup.  Don’t worry you  may change this later. If you have forgotten the information click here to reset. 


You did it.

You are now finished with the setup process. To avoid delays, be sure to email any photos and content to support@330webs.com within 48hrs.