Web design, Marketing and SEO Tips for Less than $200

Starting a business can be difficult if you do not have the right resources.

Maurice M. – 330Webs

Learn how to brand your business for less than $200. Today, I am going to teach you how to level the playing field with million-dollar businesses.

As business owners we are often faced with the decision to delegate finances. Starting a business can be costly and time-consuming. However, the business aspect itself is fairly simple. When starting a business there are a few things that you should consider; the financial aspect, branding and day-to-day operations. By the end of this article, you will have the secrets to creating a professional brand for less than $200.

The Craft

Often times, more work than required goes into building and branding businesses. Many people overthink and overspend during this phase. Get a pencil and paper ready because I am going to teach you exactly how to create your brand for pennies on the dollar. Before we dive into the “BIG SECRET” (I’m Kidding) to branding your business, allow me to introduce myself. Maurice M., expert web designer and owner of 330Webs.com. During years of web design, I have encountered many clients who could not afford my craft, but could afford my service, and there is a difference. My craft is web design and my service is web hosting.


Marketing and branding your business is pretty easy once you define who you are as a business, what your service is worth and who your customer base will be. Branding starts with a brand, hence the word brand | ing. Much like Nike and the swish, Adidas and whatever type of logo that is, car companies and the emblems, all you need is a face. It does not take years of Adobe experience to create a perfect logo, it takes less than $50 and a website called Fiverr.

I created my first 330Webs logo. It was two threes a zero and the word webs. Later, I decided that I wanted a better favicon, so I hired a freelancer from fiverr and for $35 she added the Geek Guy. Boom, I’m branded.

Now for my website… Obviously this was easy being a web designer for so long, but what if I weren’t a web designer, would it have still been easy? YES! Which is why I am writing this article.

What web platform do I use?

Most of my customers come to me and have already put their time and money into platforms such as Weebly, WIX and a host of others. One day they needed more, but could not expand their current websites on those platforms. Weebly, Wix, Shopify etc. are all sound platforms, however there is no growth potential when using those options. So, what platform can I use that has flexibility to grow with my business?

Content Management System (WordPress)

It is called a CMS, stands for Content Management System and there are two top companies that rule the market in my opinion. There is Drupal, which some government sites are hosted on and there is my favorite, WordPress. WordPress is the Lebron James of Websites. It’s great on all levels, has proven statistics but can’t beat every team alone and can’t please every fan. Truth is WordPress accounts for 28% of websites on the Internet and 60% of CMS websites on the Internet.

When shopping for a car at minimum you search for a Sedan with four doors and functional. Something that will get you from point A to point B, that is clean and has room for other people. WordPress is more like an SUV, it will get you from point A to point B, it is clean and functional and has growth that is beyond what most small businesses will ever use.

Evolution of WordPress

Over the years WordPress has become more simplistic and easier to use for the average person. From the drag and drop builder plug-ins, e-commerce plugin-ins and a host of others, you get the most bang for your buck. So, people might ask why am I giving away this information for free? Truth is, I can no longer sit by while you get taken advantage of while trying to run your business. Robert Kiyosaki said, the rich don’t tell people what they know, because they want to keep them poor. Well let’s level the playing field when it comes to web design at least.

STOP paying these marketing companies thousands of dollars to build a website on a free platform. Yes, time is money which is why you need to manage both efficiently. In the next few paragraphs I’m going to give you my step-by-step $4,500 secret for free. That’s right I said, free.

Step 1.

Go to 330webs.com and buy a $12.99 domain & $7.99 hosting. Our cPanel business all in one hosting plan costs $7.99 a month and includes professional email, the free WordPress CMS and 10GB storage.

Step 2.

Log into your cPanel, click the auto install button for WordPress and begin building your website.

Once installed begin building by installing the plug-in Elementor. Elementor is a free plug-in that turns your WordPress site into a drag and drop builder, this plugin is so unique and efficient that you can customize colors, shapes, sizes and more.

I understand some people do not want to spend time building a website making customizations etc. You can still build a quality website using a template from one of my favorite sites, themeforest.net. Simply click on WordPress and surf through thousands of templates that you can install on your WordPress website. These templates are not free, they start around $49. Once purchased you can install the theme and dummy content and replace content with your own later.

Financial Recap

Thus far you have only spent $12.99 on a domain and $7.99 for hosting. If you decide to save time and purchase a theme, you’re up to a whopping $70 depending on the theme you chose. I don’t know about you but that is much better than $5,700.

Let’s get back on track.

Step 3.

Now that you built your website, you probably noticed speed and security (https://) are lacking on your website. I could walk you through optimizing your site with various caching plugins and adding CDNs such as Cloudflare for security etc. however, that is too long of a process for this article. Guess what, you are a330Webs customer, so you get optimization for free. That’s right, we will secure your site with Cloudflare CDN and optimize your site for FREE. We don’t want to stunt your growth, so if you prefer to do it yourself, stay tuned for our speed and optimization cheat sheet.

Step 4.

Your website is ready to go, secure, optimized and has a great GTmetrix score. Now all you need is SEO. SEO is search engine optimization, this is what helps your website get views when people are searching for your service. In the early 2000’s this would’ve been a breeze, in 2019 it’s a bit more difficult. There are plug-ins such as Yoast SEO and a few others to help with some SEO optimization, but don’t expect to make it to Googles first page with a plugin alone.

SEO Guru

Which brings me to my next point. STOP paying these companies hundreds of dollars a month, thousands of dollars a year for SEO services. If you truly want SEO follow Neil Patel on YouTube or on his website. This guy is one of the best, if not the best when it comes to SEO. Search Engine Optimization is not as easy as building a website, it takes content and sometimes months for your website to be discovered.

That was a lot to put on one plate, but I think by now you have gained some useful tools to get started. Visit our blog later and check out the upcoming article “free tools for small businesses” and get your business the boost it needs for free.

Last Financial Recap

If you were to spend money on all of the tools I have given you in this article, your startup/marketing investment would look something like this:

  • Domain $12.99
  • Hosting $7.99
  • Logo $35.00
  • *Business Cards/Brochures $50.00 (add in)
  • Web design $0.00
  • Template $49.00
  • Security $0.00
  • Optimization $0.00
  • SEO $0.00
  • Total $154.98

For less than $200 you were able to get a professional website, a brand, business cards and brochures all of which you would have spent upward $4,000+ with a marketing company.


A professional look is very important when presenting your business. These tools will give you exactly what you need to get started for less than $200. Don’t worry if your business does not look like Nike, truth is, no one is expecting it to. You will grow to Nike standards in due time. The most important aspects in new/startup businesses is a professional appearance, quality product and exemplary customer service. Having those key standards, ensures people are willing to spend the same dollar with your company as they would with Nike or any other brand of business.

Step 5.

Our last and final step. Work, work, work. The road to success is through failure, there is not a shortcut or toll road.

Comment and share! Stay tuned for other upcoming articles that will help to jumpstart your business and level the playing field.

Thanks for reading.

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